Track Record of Investment Success

Maintaining your competitive position can be complicated, especially when you are also trying to capitalize on global trade and investment flows and reduce risk exposure. U Capital specialist global custody services can make it easier. U Capital has been supporting sovereign wealth managers, asset managers, pension funds and insurance companies for many years with its demonstrated global custody services.

Comprehensive Custodial services offering include:

  • Maintaining separate client wise accounts with details of client portfolio
  • Hold or arrange to hold in safe custody client’s financial instruments
  • Arrange settlement for the sale or purchase of any securities
  • Daily monitoring of corporate actions and client notification
  • Calculation and Collection of income from securities held and monitor any disparities
  • Provide information on the underlying companies and the Interim/Annual General Meetings
  • Sending detailed account statements and portfolio reports on a daily basis to clients
  • Manage transactions by closely monitoring cash positions and perform foreign exchange transactions, if required

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